About US
Blanka Trading Ltd formed in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom is a leading global trade provider for Gas and Electrical plant parts and
Petro-Chemical processes.
Our first and foremost core is to provide a customer friendly service, upholding customer needs and satisfaction as priority.  Since its
inception, the business is going from strength to strength and branching out globally from our main market in the Middle East.
Blanka Trading Ltd has become an internationally recognised competitive trader providing numerous companies from all backgrounds with
trading requirements on an efficient and fast-track basis.
Our vast experience and knowledge of the trading and exporting industry for the past ten years has ensured we conduct our business to a high
standard of professional care and attention to providing modern and up-to-date parts.
We look forward to working with our customers from all backgrounds and globally.
For your trade enquiries or to obtain a sales quote, please contact on the following emails:

Copyright BlankaTrading Ltd.
348 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, OL16 2DS
Tel: +44 170 635 2944, Fax: +44 170 652 5747
Email: sales@blankatrading.com

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